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As a land acquisition and land development company based in Houston, Texas, Maple Development Group has grown to understand that the land on which we design and develop our communities is often rich in history. As such, we believe ourselves to be stewards of the land we work with as Texas land developers. We are passionately dedicated to honoring the legacy bovada poker reviewof every parcel of land we acquire. We work hand in hand with municipalities and other local agencies to achieve sustainable developments that complement their natural surroundings. We understand the importance of infrastructure as it relates to community and economic growth. As such we always provide quality infrastructure to the communities we create, including streetlights, entry monuments, and desirable amenities.

Every part of the process, from land purchase to development to completion Bovada bonus codesand everything in between, requires careful consideration. We specialize in creating communities that are attainably priced. We are experts in delivering quality communities in proven locations as Texas land developers. And it all begins with the land.

We meet with hundreds of Texas landowners who are considering selling the land their family has held for generations. We listen to their stories, and we strive to understand their goals. In all our years buying and developing land, we’ve come Bovada bonus codesto know that most landowners looking to sell want little more than fairness and the knowledge that the new owners of their land will act as good stewards. Sometimes the land in question is a good fit, and sometimes it isn’t, but it’s always an incredible opportunity to meet the people who own this precious commodity, open land!

Tell Us About Your Land

Maple is currently looking for land development opportunities in the Houston region. Reach out to the land acquisitions manager at bovada casino reviewMaple. Tell us about your property.

We’re eager to hear from you. If you’re ready to sell your Texas land or would like to start the conversation, complete the contact form below, and our land acquisitions manager will make the acquisition and transition process easy and seamless.

Roy E. Galvan
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COO & Head Of Acquisitions

Roy oversees and manages land acquisitions and marketing operations at Maple. He is responsible for providing much of the vision, operational focus, and strategic relationships necessary to facilitate these efforts with land sellers in Texas. For nearly a decade, Roy has held operational leadership positions across various functions, primarily in commercial real estate and retail. He drives best practices across the organization and ensures effective communication at all levels of leadership.

Our promise to you:¬†For legacy developers and families who have an attachment to the land, Maple is always open to finding ways to help preserve your family’s legacy.